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The Peace Day Pilgrim journey relies on the same human spirit that will make Global Truce 2012 work.

It relies on the kindness of strangers because Maxim will be walking without money for the entire three months.

What YOU can do...
  1. PLEDGE SUPPORT for Global Truce 2012 by clicking here.
  2. GET CREATIVE and plan something special for Peace Day on 21 September.
  3. SPREAD THE WORD about your plans, about Global Truce 2012, and about Peace Day Pilgrim.
  4. GET UPDATES for Peace Day Pilgrim's journey on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or EMAIL.
  5. MEET UP with Peace Day Pilgrim to walk, talk, host an event or even offer friendly support, food or shelter: EMAIL Maxim direct or TELEPHONE
  6. DONATE to Peace Day Pilgrim to help with some of the costs of the journey including boots and plasters:

All proceeds after costs will be donated to Peace One Day to help them carry on their important work.


  1. should add Edwin Starr's 25 miles to you playlist...good luck. bob


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