Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Meeting Jeremy and the team at Peace One Day on the way into London

Great day meeting Jeremy, Jo, Richard and all the team at Peace One Day. It was great to witness the hive of activity in action as they make all the final preparations for the big day. Jeremy was kind enough to take some time away from editing to hear about the journey. It felt very special. At the last minute I remembered to take a little footage so see the short film below.

Last day of walking tomorrow before Peace Day on Friday. Here are my plans:

Thursday 20th Sep
10:00 Leaving Richmond to follow the Thames to London
14:00 Final destination: Trafalgar Square (ad hoc timings!!!)
19:00 Arrival drinks TBC (Call me on

Friday 21st Sep PEACE DAY!!!
12:30 Lunch with Anna and the Little Big Peace Event team at Beyrouths in Streatham

Monday, 27 August 2012

Cotswold in Brecon show the kindness of strangers with new boots

My boots were wearing away after nearly 800 miles on the road. No surprise there. The surprise was the amazingly warm and supportive welcome I got when I arrived in Brecon. I simply walked into Cotswold on the off chance they may be able help. In less than 12 hours they were giving me a free replacement pair of boots. Amazing. Thanks so much to Amy and the rest of the team. Epic.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Some of the key people to help recently..

Day 40: Catching up...

Well what can I say about the last week? It has certainly contained some of the highest highs and lowest lows. Injury, vomiting and beauty all packed into over 100 miles walked. I've met some treasures. Here are some of the highlights..

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 21: Exploring Howth

Today was a relaxed day. I explored the harbour in Howth where I am staying with Grainne. Dave, owner of The Country Market, was kind enough to give me some lasagne for lunch. I have just me Brian, Grainne's partner, and we are off for some food and early night, before heading off to my final Irish destination...Dublin!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 18: Dunleer to Drogheda (10 miles)

Mick, Carlingford

Frances & Sharon, Carlingford

The Leprachaun Whisperer with Sharon & Frances on the proposal stones

The Green Door Hostel, Drogheda

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 16: Newry to Dundalk (15 miles)

Great day making a short film with Pat and a host of his friends. Watch this space for the upload. Then a quick 15 mile walk down to Dundalk to keep the miles ticking over. Off to John's gig tonight for some live music and perhaps the odd Guiness?? Loving Ireland both north and south because the people are just so warm and welcoming.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 15: Banbridge to Newry (13 miles)

It's half past the witching hour and I am in bed. Time is slipping away for loading my recent films from the last few days. I will get on it as soon as I have space but it only means that I am meeting the most wonderful people to spend the time with. Massive thanks to Neal, David and Sandra near Hillsborough for such a wonderful stay. Neal you are a legend.

I am with Pat in Newry at the moment and he is making me feel so welcome I can't tell you all enough. It has been great to meet a host of people already including Pat, Gerry and Francis who have helped me plan the next stage over coffee. After my walk tomorrow we are all heading off to Carlingford to listen to some music.

There is so much more to tell and share but I need sleep to get me through watch this space...more anon. Peacex

Here's the video..

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 13: Sad to leave Belfast but happy to reach Lisburn (15 miles)

Days 10-12: Loving Belfast..leave tomorrow

I have loved every minute in Belfast from my on air chat with Alan Simpson followed by the meal at Deane's Deli through to the days exploring with Nicky, Patrick, Tim and Emily to a fantastic evening with Ethna and Jemma and then to meet the wonderful Fred, Catherine, Patrick, Thomas, Rowan, Peter and finally to stay with the lovely Una and Mal. What a great bunch of people who have made my time in Belfast truly memorable including The Land of Giants, The Titanic Building, Stormont, Queen's University, The Ulster Museum, The Peace Walls, The Murals, The Mac Gallery and so much more to boot. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your kind support.