Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Meeting Jeremy and the team at Peace One Day on the way into London

Great day meeting Jeremy, Jo, Richard and all the team at Peace One Day. It was great to witness the hive of activity in action as they make all the final preparations for the big day. Jeremy was kind enough to take some time away from editing to hear about the journey. It felt very special. At the last minute I remembered to take a little footage so see the short film below.

Last day of walking tomorrow before Peace Day on Friday. Here are my plans:

Thursday 20th Sep
10:00 Leaving Richmond to follow the Thames to London
14:00 Final destination: Trafalgar Square (ad hoc timings!!!)
19:00 Arrival drinks TBC (Call me on

Friday 21st Sep PEACE DAY!!!
12:30 Lunch with Anna and the Little Big Peace Event team at Beyrouths in Streatham

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  1. Wow, Max, so well done! So very well done indeed.


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