Monday, 14 May 2012

The MasterPeace Journey: Alchemist Alive

I have just had a wonderful Skype talk with Raghda El-Halawany from MasterPeace in Cairo. We talked at length about the marvelous work that MasterPeace are doing to link grassroot peace movements all around the world. We agreed that everyone of us matters. We must all rise up to demand peace from the powers that be. We must demand peace throughout the world. We must demand that our leaders uphold the UN Resolution to mark the International Day of Peace. We must demand that violence should be left on the pages of our history books and not in our futures. United we can realise that dream.

I was also honored to be invited to be the next Alchemist Alive for the MasterPeace Journey project. This is truly exciting as I have long adored Paulo Coelho's famous book. The project is blessed by the author himself and aims to bring the story alive:

"In every country of the world, MasterPeace wants to inspire individuals to become the shepherd boy of this story and start traveling towards the pyramids in Egypt as green and visible as possible. Due to the involvement of sport clubs, travel websites, libraries and others, we expect at least 10,000 participants, all of them earning their ticket for the MasterPeace concert on the International Day of Peace in 2014, thanks to their “pilgrimage for peace”. We expect this creates 10,000 inspiring stories of guts and personal leadership. In Egypt, all travelers will be connected to new friends living in the Middle East. “On The Road To MasterPeace: The Alchemist Alive” creates thousands of new intercultural and interfaith friendships and brings positive stories through media, weblogs and documentaries to millions of people."

One of the MasterPeace projects led to this short film being made which brings together musicians from either side of a conflict divide. Have a watch and I am sure you will agree it is very powerful...

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  1. So greatfull to hear you are walking for peace, above all in name of MasterPeace, in honor of Paulo Coelho and all that strive for a peacefull world, will be following your endeavours! and above all: enjoy!


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