Thursday, 17 May 2012

Photos from kindness

A small package arrived today in the post. I opened it with eager anticipation. Inside I found a little red Canon camera. What a beauty. I am stunned, on a daily basis, by what the kindness of strangers is leading to. THANK YOU Chris Braniff! You are a gentleman and I salute you. Also, thanks to Jez McDermott, from Buckland Abbey (National Trust), for making the link. I would load a picture of the camera onto this journal update but, as you can appreciate, I would then need another camera to take a picture of the new camera blah get what I mean (I can hear you all going why don't you take a picture in the mirror).

Also, have just got off the telephone with a friend who lives in Belfast who is putting me in contact with lots of organisations and people across N.Ireland. Very exciting...I can't wait to get started now. Looking forward to seeing the new Peace Bridge in Derry/Londonderry and hopefully meeting the Corrymeela community and Peace People.

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