Monday, 18 June 2012

3 days to #pdp1200...

The out-loud-counting has almost begun. Two days from now I am flying to Belfast. Three days from now I will be attending the 3 month countdown event to Global Truce2012 in Derry/Londonderry. The following day I will be packing my little bag and heading east to see what I can see along the Giant's Causeway. I wonder if I'll meet a giant? If I do, at least he/she should have plenty of room for a wandering pilgrim to stay!

The next few days are full of last minute preparations. Downing arnica for the bruising to my right ankle which I twisted whilst wrestling with my son Rocco on Fathers Day (not the best training really!). Searching for a notepad so that I can blog on the move. Packing up my flat. Creating my peace flag. Spending every other hour wondering what on earth gave me the idea of walking 1200 miles without money and then remembering the 4.5 million children who have been vaccinated against polio in Afghanistan because of Peace Day.

I just want to say an early thank you to all the people who have already supported this crazy venture. There are already too many to mention individually without leaving people out but you know who you are, so THANK YOU. It means so much to hear words of love and support.

Every now and again one gets these absurd ideas that float into the mind. Ideas like wouldn't it be a good idea to spend your summer testing the boundaries of the kindness of strangers. Finding out whether we have what it takes to look after each other. Demonstrating to the world that we must remain optimistic about improving the way us humans treat each other. Discovering the hope that lies in our future. Well, this time, when the idea came into my head, I decided to do something about it.

So here I am. Trying to find the words that describe the excitement and trepidation which are ebbing and flowing through my entire existence. And failing miserably. But this is not about how well I can write. This is about Global Truce 2012. This is about YOU!. If you are reading this and are in any way inspired by the walk. Then have a good hard think about what you can do to make the UN International Day of Peace a day in which we can stamp the start of the road to a more peaceful world. And when you have worked out what you are going to do...let me know about it by emailing peacedaypilgrim[@] or on Facebook, Twitter or even carrier pigeon if you have one.

For now, I will be completing my tax return!

More anon. Peacex

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