Friday, 1 June 2012

21 days to #PDP1200...

PDP is Instagrammed up!
Hello peace people. This time in three weeks I will be in Derry/Londonderry, getting ready for the Peace One Day concert in conjunction with the London 2012 Festival. Very exciting. I am very much looking forward to crossing the Peace Bridge which was built this year and then packing my little bag and heading off.

The launch event for Peace Day Pilgrim last week was great. Really enjoyed announcing the walk to friends and family although nerves and last minute cancellations made it a challenge. But as I always say, you can't measure someone by their successes, but by how they deal with challenges!

Not sure the training diet is going well!
Jubilee this weekend. I was asked to be a compere at our event here in Tavistock, which was a great honour, but unfortunately I have to finish my final dissertation for my degree. Very interesting topic though:

'The rise of networks and ICTs are transforming the international system.' To what extent do you agree?

Nearly have all my kit together for the walk, which to be honest, isn't much. Just waiting to hear on a second hand notebook pc so that I can blog and upload video diaries on route. Fingers crossed.

Trying to get the hang of all this techno online thingy-me-giggy things. Latest editions are Instagram on my new iPhone and Pinterest online. Click on the links to see these in action.

My lovely friends Rhiannon and Tim helped me make some short films this week too which I am looking forward to seeing the final edit. Will be posting to Peace Day Pilgrim YouTube soon so will forward the link.

More anon, Peacex

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